These are not your out of the box fire sticks or fire tv's. These devices have been softwared with a program called Kodi. What Kodi does is give you the ability to access every single TV show from every single channel. Even including premium stations such as HBO and Showtime. All of your tv shows will be in hd and commercial free. Current shows will be able to view about 30 minutes to 12 hours after they air live. OH AND THATS NOT IT!!! you will also have access to all and any movies you desire including ones that are not even out yet on dvd. YES!!! even more u will be able to watch pay per views, live sports, adult programing, and music. ALL FOR FREE!!!! There is no additional fees for this service. All you need is wifi and a hdtv. The software is good for the life of the stick so you do not need to live in fear of updates whipping it away. I professional guarantee my work so if there is a issue i will back it up. If there is any other questions please click on the contact link and i will answer them in a timely manner. Thank you VERY much!!         


*Stream 4or Free is by no means associated with or represents Amazon or Kodi